cannot commit


Using a HTTP URL i can check out a repository to a folder on the nexus with no problem. It updates to the latest version correcly. I can browse the files/folder and view the log all correctly.

On Commit however it fails. I have a username and password configured in the client, with no private key entered (since its only http). I know the user/pass is correct, i have even created a new and confirmed working user account with the worlds simplest password.

The error i get is:

svn: commit failed (details below)
svn: Authenication Required for <the http URL> CollabNet Subversion repository.

From that error alone it sounds like the client is not passing any creds. However on the CollabNet logs it shows the login attempt with the username and just shows as failed. I know its the correct user/pass and it works find with other clients on diffrent OS's (windows, redHat, etc).

hoping you can help,



1st Gen Google Nexus 7 as the client.

Mirosoft Windows Server 2012 R2 OS running CollabNet Edge Subversion 4.0.4 (latest version)


Brian Gormanly


david e


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